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Becca Fang's second pamphlet is an impassioned eye-roll to the tribulations of modern girlhood.


Sharp and satirical, Floozie explores our perceived incongruence of intelligence and femininity and the devastating effects the straddling of these identities has on the self-actualisation of young women. An inverted Maslow's hierarchy includes an autism assessment and a spliff; Shakespeare's Ophelia peruses Omegle.


Queerness, academia, loneliness and e-cynicism collide and send pillow feathers flying: it's a slumber party, after all. 

Becca Fang is a Belfast-born writer of magenta-drenched melancholy. She is the only person who understands Donnie Darko (2001) and, no, she won’t explain it to you. Her debut poetry pamphlet, Prunus Cerasus, was published by The 6ress in 2022. 

Floozie Final 3.png
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